The students of the University of Bridgeport are from 80 countries and 46 states.[4][5] In 2010, the percentage of students graduating that had participated in an English as a foreign or second language (ESL) program was one of the nation's highest at 5%.Enrollment has grown from 1,383 total students in 1992 to 5,323 students in fall 2008, a trend which continued throughout the decade, with 5,434 students enrolled in fall 2018. In 1991, the school added a chiropractic program, the first university-affiliated program of its kind in the U.S.[27]Additional doctoral programs in naturopathic medicine and computer science and engineering were added in 1996 and 2006.[28][29] The Physician Assistant Institute matriculated its first class at the university in January 2011[30] In 2014, the school partnered with the Peace Corps to offer New England's first Peace Corps Preparatory Program.[31] At present the program has Accreditation-continued status with the relevant accreditor Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant and its next review is 2020


Total Avg cost tuition Per Year $ 36055
Total Avg cost of living per year $ 15950
Application Fee $ 0
Total Cost $ 52005