About Us

What is ApplyGlobal?
ApplyGlobal, as the name sounds, is a platform for students from around the globe to access
the best education available. With this portal, students and recruiters can filter through over 250
partnered schools in USA, Canada, and the UK to find the best available programs for their
future. Through our platform and team of experts spread around the world, we closely work with
students and our recruitment partners in the application process, from Application submission to
ApplyGlobal’s headquarter is located in San Francisco, nearby the heart of Tech World, the
Silicon Valley. It is a team of over 20 people, with representatives in the US, Australia, India and
Why ApplyGlobal?
With over 13 years of experience, we have partnered with over 250 top higher and vocational
institutions around the world to cater the best for prospective students studying in English
Speaking Countries. With the help of our recruitment partners and the platform itself, we have
been able to help numerous students to pursue their academic journey in the US, Canada and
For Students:
With the basic questions that the student answer at the ApplyGlobal platform, it matches you to
the schools and programs that incline towards your unique background and interests. Our
experts and staff, sparse around the world, guide students through every step of your
application, free of charge. We work closely with our students and their choice of institutions to
offer the best and ease for our students. Our service not just limit to your visa application, we do
provide services to our students during their travel to their destination, airport pick-up and
everything in-between!
For Recruiter:
Our recruitment dash allows our recruitment partners to manage students and their applications.
Once a student’s application is complete, we review and submit it to the school, and in
return, your recruiter commission is automatically distributed to you once the student is
For Schools:
ApplyGlobal has partnerships with recruiters from various parts of the world. With this
platform, you can save time and money to bring diversity in your school. We strictly
abide by the admissions rules and requirements of each and every partner school we
have. If you are looking for possible partnerships, please email us at