The university was originally a Polytechnic Polytechnic Institute, with its constituent bodies being Plymouth Polytechnic, Rolle College, the Exeter College of Art and Design (which were, before April 1989, run by Devon County Council and Sayne- Hayne College (which before April 1989 was an independent charity). It was renamed Polytechnic South West in 1989 and remained as this until gaining university status in 1992 along with the other polytechnics. The new university absorbed the Plymouth School of Maritime Studies.
Total Avg cost tuition Per Year £ 10500
Total Avg cost of living per year £ 9100
Application Fee £ 0
Total Cost £ 19600
The climate of Plymouth is oceanic, with quite cold, rainy winters and mild, relatively rainy summers. The city is located in the south-west of England, in Devon, in the area that in winter is the mildest of the country.
University-managed halls of residence provide a safe and friendly environment within walking distance of your lectures and library, and with convenient access to the city's bars, cafés and shops, you can fully embrace your student experience.
Avg cost of tuition/year: £10,500 (Undergraduate)
                                      £13,645 (Postgraduate)
Cost of living per year: £9,100

Application Fee: £0

Scholarship: £2,000 per year