£1000 - £4000 per year
Hertfordshire has two campuses based in college lane and de Havilland. With over 25,130 students, including more than 5,200 international students that together represent 100 countries, Hertfordshire has a global alumni of over 1,650 The university is one of Hertfordshire's largest employers with over 2,700 staff, 812 of which are academic members of staff. It has a turnover of more than £235 million. The university has 11 schools: Hertfordshire Business School, Computer Science, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health and Social Work, Humanities (which oversees its CATS programme), Hertfordshire Law School, Life and Medical Sciences, Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics and Hertfordshire Higher Education Consortium.
Total Avg cost tuition Per Year £ 14000
Total Avg cost of living per year £ 15000
Application Fee £ 30
Total Cost £ 29030
Avg cost of tuition/year: £15,000

Cost of living per year: £15,000

Application Fee: £0