CAD$ 10,000 - CAD$ 13,393 per year
At Northeastern, experience is our essence and ethos. It’s what you gain when you make the world your classroom, your laboratory, and your platform to create change or grow your enterprise. Throughout our university network, experience draws you into society and compels you to solve its complex challenges. It makes you agile and able to reinvent yourself. To find ways of doing things differently, and better. And to seize opportunities as they unfold—anytime, anywhere.
Total Avg cost tuition Per Year CAD $ 44212
Total Avg cost of living per year CAD $ 22682
Application Fee CAD $ 134
Total Cost CAD $ 67028
A celebration of the start of the fall semester for all students featuring music, giveaways, food & drink, entertainment, games, novelties, and a chance to learn more about the student organizations, campus departments and sports & rec teams that make Northeastern a vibrant and special community.
The mission of Northeastern University’s Division of Student Affairs is to cultivate well-prepared global citizens, promote well-being and equip learners with the skills necessary to engage diverse communities.With core values of excellence, innovation and empathy, we are made up of many departments and offices that provide a distinctive Northeastern experience focused on integrity, wellness and inclusivity. We collaborate with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and many others in our mission to help students succeed
Avg cost of tuition/year: CAD$ 44212

Cost of living per year: CAD$ 22682

Application Fee: CAD$ 134