£2000 per year
For 140 years, Middlesex University has been based in North London. The university grew out of mergers between different schools and colleges in the area beginning in 1878 when St. Katherine's College, a female teacher training college, was created in Tottenham. It was joined by Hornsey Colege of Art, founded in 1882, Ponders End Technical Institute, founded in 1901, and Hendon Technical Institute, opened in 1939.In 1973 these colleges and further institutions around North London formed Middlesex Polytechnic. In 1992 Middlesex University was established from Middlesex Polytechnic by Royal Assent as part of the Further and Higher Education Act. More institutions joined at this time as Middlesex expanded further.


Total Avg cost tuition Per Year £ 13400
Total Avg cost of living per year £ 880
Application Fee £ 0
Total Cost £ 14280


Avg cost of tuition/year: £13,400 (Undergraduate)
                                     : £14,000 (Graduate)

Cost of living per year: £800 per month 

Application Fee: £0

Scholarship:  £2,000