$CAD 4,00-$CAD 16,000 per year
Brock University was established by the passage of the Brock University Act by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1964.[8]When the university first opened in September 1964, classes were held at the St. Paul Street United Church in downtown St. Catharines for 13 weeks until the Glenridge Campus was completely renovated.[9]Brock's Glenridge campus was officially opened on October 19, 1964 with Gibson as the university's founding president. In 1996 Brock University honoured Gibson by naming the university library in his honour.[7]Richard L. Hearn was appointed the university's inaugural chancellor in 1967.Brock University is named after Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, who commanded the British and Canadian forces during the War of 1812. Although the British and Canadian forces went on to win, Brock lost his life during the Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812, fought 20 km (12 mi) from the present-day site of the campus. His last words are said to have been Surgite! (Latin for "push on") — now used as the university's motto. For his contribution to Canada, Brock was voted the 28th Greatest Canadian in a 2004 poll, conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Total Avg cost tuition Per Year CAD $ 23861
Total Avg cost of living per year CAD $ 800
Application Fee CAD $ 400
Total Cost CAD $ 25061
Avg cost of tuition/year: CAD$ 23861

Cost of living per year: CAD$ 800

Application Fee: CAD$ 110